A-Frame Steel Scaffold

A low cost modular system very popular in the domestic and small commercial building sector.Exceptionally easy and quick to erect.

  • Hot Dipped Galvanised (HDG) prevents rusting and requires minimal maintenance.
  • All welds have a lifetime guarantee
  • Highly versatile and simple to erect licenced to 30 meters
  • This heavy duty scaffold is rated at 675kg per bay.
  • Certified to Australian Standards AS/NZ 1576.3 with Worksafe Design Registration.
  • Alongside pic of frames   Frames are stacked one upon the other and available in two widths 3 plank wide (0.8m) and 5 plank wide (1.3m) and in 5 different heights.
  • Trailer Pack available consisting of 20 lineal meters x 4m working platform. Request quote ******
  • Aluminium Stairway eliminates ladders and improves safety and efficiency on site. Tested and approved to Australian Standard AS/NZ 1576.1. Request quote *******

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A-Frame Scaffold Hot Dip. Galv

Stock Item Description Qty
001 2.0M Standard
003 1.8M Standard
005 1.5M Standard
007 1.2M Standard
009 0.9M Standard

780mm Narrow Frames

Stock Item Description Qty
002 2.0M Narrow
004 1.8M Narrow
006 1.5M Narrow
008 1.2M Narrow
010 0.9M Narrow

Dual Components

Stock Item Description Qty
011 350mm Leg Ext.
068 440mm Leg Ext.
012 580mm Leg Ext.
077 1.3M Cross Brace
078 1.6M Cross Brace
014 2.1M Cross Brace
511 2.6M Cross Brace
015 0.7M Hand Rail
016 1.2M Hand Rail
017 1.8M Hand Rail
513 2.4M Hand Rail
018 Hand Rail Post
022 Screw Jack
024 1 Board Hop-up
025 2 Board Hop-up
514 2.4M Mesh Grd
027 1.8M Mesh Grd
028 1.2M Mesh Grd
079 1.2M Metal Plank
030 1.8M Metal Plank
512 2.4M Metal Plank
031 Ladd. Acc. Plank
042 Joining Pin
523 1.2M Self Clse Gate
051 1.2M Ladd Gate
052 1.8M Ladd Gate
053 1.8M Hoist Gate
054 S1 Stillage
076 Scafftag
043 T/Board Bracket
080 Step Down Bkt

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