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Monthly Special

Quality Hot Dipped Galvanised Props available in 6 sizes.

Sizes Heights
No. 0 1090mm -1820mm
No. 4 3060mm -4950mm

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Acrow Props

Stock Item Description Qty
065 No. 00 (660mm -1020mm)
045 No. 0 (1090mm - 1900mm)
532 No. 1 (1750mm - 3125mm)
057 No. 2 (1980mm - 3350mm)
058 No. 3 (2460mm - 3900mm)
059 No. 4 (3060mm - 4500mm)

Alu.Straight Ladders

Ladders Aluminium straight ladders available in 2.4m up to 6.0m lengths.

Stock Item Description Qty
484 2.4M Straight Ladder
485 3.0M Straight Ladder
486 3.6M Straight Ladder
487 4.2M Straight Ladder
488 4.8M Straight Ladder
489 5.4M Straight Ladder
490 6.0M Straight Ladder


Stock Item Description Qty
054 S1 680x680x695
344 S2 - 890x890x695
346 S3 1260x960x1100

Slab Clamps

Stock Item Description Qty
021 U-Head Screw Jack
029 Slab Clamp
032 Wall Clamp

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