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Aluminium Mobile Towers

We offer the components to build a tower to suit your requirements. Working platform heights range from 2.5m up to 9m. You are able to comfortably work up to 2m higher than the platform.

The platform can be easily moved at intervals of 400mm up or down the frame. Extension ladders can be suitably adjusted to meet platform height.

  • Aluminium tube has a wall thickness of 2.0mm
  • The wide tower has a maximum working load of 450kg.
  • All TIG welds carry a LIFETIME GUARANTEE. No pop rivets used.
  • 2 types of deck available.
    • Marine Plywood 1 year replacement warranty subject to normal wear and tear.
    • Composite Deck Fibreglass and plastic 10 year warranty subject to normal wear and tear.
  • Quality 200mm castor wheels used.
  • Easy to follow instruction manual supplied along with full list of all components.
  • Delivered FREE to most metro areas.
  • On Towers with platform heights of 5m or higher we offer double decks.
  • This makes for easy erection of the top deck as you are able to use the lower one as a platform as well as giving you two working decks.

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Aluminium Mobile Towers Narrow 800 x 2500

Stock Item Description Qty
120 2.0M Tower
121 2.5M Tower
122 3.0M Tower
123 3.5M Tower
124 4.0M Tower
125 4.5M Tower
126 5.0M Tower
127 5.5M Tower
128 6.0M Tower
129 6.5M Tower
420 7.0M Tower
421 7.5M Tower
502 8.0M Tower
503 8.5M Tower
504 9.0M Tower

Wide 1300 x 2500

Stock Item Description Qty
130 2.0M Tower
131 2.5M Tower
132 3.0M Tower
133 3.5M Tower
134 4.0M Tower
135 4.5M Tower
136 5.0M Tower
137 5.5M Tower
138 6.0M Tower
139 6.5M Tower
140 7.0M Tower
141 7.5M Tower
491 8.0M Tower
492 8.5M Tower
493 9.0M Tower

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