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Lyta Mesh

  • Lyta Mesh can substantially reduce your scaffold containment, screening and fall protection costs as
  • No chain wire required
  • Easy one man installation saving costs
  • Complies with AS2001.2.4 and AS1891.1
  • Durable. Lyta mesh could be used for multiple jobs without losing its shape whereas other meshes are generally limited to 3-4 jobs.
  • Easy roll up storage.
  • Fire retardant. Welding can lead to mesh fires Lyta Mesh is a non- flammable product
  • Colour Blue & Green are the basic colours

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Scaff Cloth & LYTA Mesh

Stock Item Description Qty
541 Scaff Cloth 50m x 1.9m
548 Lyta Mesh 15m x 0.95m
549 Lyta Mesh 15m x 1.90m

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