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Roof and Barrier Edge Protection

Global Scaffold are leaders in providing scaffold Roof and Barrier Edge Protection systems for a wide variety of edge and void protection. Any fall over 2m must have protection.

All our systems are fully tested to meet the exacting requirements of Australian Standards AS/NZ 4994.1:2009.

Certified Test certificates will be provided with each purchase.

Discuss your protection requirements with us or e-mail your lineal metres and description and we shall forward you a fully itemised quote.

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Roof and Barrier Edge Protection

Stock Item Description Qty
400 S Bend
401 L Bend
402 Hand Rail Post
404 Universal Bracket
405 Gable Bracket
406 Ladder Access
407 Z Bend
408 Iron Roof Bracket
409 Tile Bracket
551 3.0M Guard Rail
403 Corner Coupler
411 Straight Coupler
420 T Bracket
421 Sleeve Coupler
410 Vert. Edge Bracket
414 VE Support Bracket
221 REPS Baseplate
536 Iron Roof Stays
537 Iron Roof Adaptor
538 Iron Roof Spacer
413 Snap Pin Square
415 Adj Shed Bracket
416 Purlin Clamp

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