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Steel Quickscaff | Kwikstage

Suitable for any domestic, industrial, commercial and mining projects.

  • Hot Dipped Galvanised (HDG) prevents rusting and requires minimal maintenance.
  • All welds have a lifetime guarantee
  • Highly versatile and simple to erect licensed to 45 meters
  • This heavy duty scaffold is rated at 675kg per bay.
  • Certified to Australian Standards AS/NZ 1576.3 with Work-safe Design Registration.
  • Also available in cost saving painted steel.
  • Trailer Pack available consisting of 15 lineal meters x 4m working platform. Request quote ******
  • Aluminium Stairway eliminates ladders and improves safety and efficiency on site. Tested and approved to Australian Standard AS 1657. Request quote *******
  • Stairway risers in 1.5m segments.

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Quickscaff Hot Dipped Galvanised

Stock Item Description Qty
022 Screw Jack
052 1.8M Ladder Gate
053 1.8M Hoist Gate
300 1.0M Standard
301 1.5M Standard
302 2.0M Standard
304 3.0M Standard
306 0.7M Ledger
307 1.2M Ledger
308 1.8M Ledger
309 2.4M Ledger
310 1.8M Diagonal Brace
311 2.0M Diagonal Brace
312 2.7M Diagonal Brace
314 3.5M Diagonal Brace
315 0.5M Transom
316 0.7M Transom
317 1.2M Transom
318 1.8M Transom
324 1.2M Ladd. Tran.
325 1.8M Ladd. Tran.
330 1 Board Hop-up
331 2 Board Hop-up
332 3 Board Hop-up
337 Corner Filler 1x1
338 Left Cnr Filler 2x1
339 Corner Filler 2x2
340 0.7M Tie Bar
341 1.2M Tie Bar
342 1.8M Tie Bar
343 2.4M Tie Bar
345 Right Cnr Filler 2x1
348 1.2M Ladder Gate
349 Wall Tie
350 Toe Board Bkt
351 0.7M Plank
352 1.2M Plank
353 1.8M Plank
354 2.4M Plank
358 0.7M Mesh Guard
359 1.2M Mesh Guard
360 1.8M Mesh Guard
361 2.4M Mesh Guard
365 Quickscaff Wedge
366 Int. Ladd. Acc. Plk
385 Step Down Bracket
527 2.4M Plank Infill
535 Topper Standard
540 1.2m Self Cl Gate
569 0.7M Ladd. Tran.

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