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Tube and Couplers

  • Galvanised scaffold tube is 4mm thick with a 48.3mm diameter and available in all lengths up to 6.0m
  • Full range of scaffold forged galvanised couplers available, all manufactured to Australian Standards.

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Scaffold Tube

Stock Item Description Qty
432 0.6M Tube
434 1.2M Tube
436 1.8M Tube
438 2.4M Tube
440 3.0M Tube
442 3.6M Tube
444 4.2M Tube
446 4.8M Tube
448 5.4M Tube
033 6.0M Tube

Scaffold Couplers

Stock Item Description Qty
034 Double Coupler
035 Swivel Coupler
036 Putlog Coupler
037 Ext. Sleeve Coupler
038 Beam Clamps
039 Toggle Half Coupler
048 T Bolt with Nut
055 Board Ret. Coupler
092 ladder Hook Coupler
526 Internal Joiner
533 Reduction Coupler
534 Reducing Double Coupler
571 Hook Coupler

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